Star Wars Battlefront II

Great graphic check,
Great gameplay check,
Large Community to play with.....

Are this game will follow the previous one that quickly die after few month for multiplayer mode?

Let's start the review :

GRAPHIC 5 out 5
The game have great graphic and best optimized for low end PC. The scene is beautiful and represent the great of Star Wars environment.

GAMEPLAY 4 out 5
The gameplay is fun in multiplayer mode, You will choose to be with Light side or Dark side and fight with different weapon and vehicle on the Star Wars world.

CONTROL 5 out 5
The control is awesome good. Don't like first person mode? You can switch to 3rd person mode with C button on your keyboard.

PROBLEM 3 out 5
Yet, the game still have dark side to solve. The community to play this game is too low. The first tittle only last few months and start loosing player. Maybe the game should over more playing mode and regularly update to keep their player in. Or just release on steam.

Conclusion :
This is great game, I have lot fun playing this. But, if Star Wars Battlefront cannot keep up for their community to play this game. The game will die after several month just like the first one.

So it rate :
Try it the open Beta, Buy it if you like it

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