Road Redemption

Kick and Punch while riding your motorcycle....
Where this I have ever heard? dejavu?

No, This is Road Redemption.
A game that inspired by Road Rash series back 90's by developer Pixel Dash Studios, Dark Seas Interactive.

So how this game will be reviewed by our team?

GRAPHIC 4 out 5
The graphic is not the main part of this game. It is decent and you enjoyed during gameplay.

GAMEPLAY 4 out 5
The gameplay is simple, but mostly it interesting because you can play split screen up to 4 player. How many game this time have that features?

CONTROL 4 out 5
The controller is not what you imagine like a race simulation. It's more likely arcade game that you drive the motorcycle so simple and no need to always hit the break.

PROBLEM 4 out 5
There is no major problem on this game. This game is kindly enough to warn you about copyright for youtube at the begining of game.

So it rate : Enjoy this classic feel of game, Buy it!

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