Fortnite Battle Royale

Don't copy us, that statement clearly show PUBG is afraid of this game.But is there really this game have something to gather PUBG fan to play this game.

Or this just as shitty as PUBG.

Fortnite have something that slightly different from PUBG. But are this is worthed? Yes, the Battle Royale Mod is free for now and that something PUBG that not offered.

So, now there is my review to this game :

Graphic 4 out 5

Fortnite have unique cartoon style that remind me of graphic Paladins or Team Fotress. It's not very demanding so you can use your low end crappy pc to play this.

Gameplay 3.5 out 5
This is section will score for battle royale mode only. Yes the main game is different when you can fight zombie. 

In Battle Royale you will find gameplay is more fast than PUBG. The map is not as large as PUBG and if you play as solo, chance you will die in first minutes is big.

Control 3.5 out 5

The controller is not very smooth. You will fine aiming on this game is hard. You will waste bunch of bullet just to kill one of your enemy.

Problem 4 out 5
Yet, this game is have better system and connection than PUBG, You don't need to worry about can't delete or change name of your character.

Conclusion :
Fortnite Battle Royale still not beat PUBG game itself, but it is have something to offer and it's free.


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