CUPHEAD Review, Harder than Dark Soul?

This is classic theme game are beautiful, with simple artwork like carton 1930s classic the game made us nostalgic.

Studio MDHR entertainment as Developer and Publisher success brings artwork of 1930s cartoon to simple side scrolling game with little challenging gameplay.

So, how about we start review this game :

Graphic (10/10) :
It is awesome to bring hand drawing 1930s cartoon to live. The animations it's smooth and very beautiful.

Gameplay (10/10) :
Simple side scrolling game but with interactive enemy that you constantly learn the pattern of attack but still it is hard to beat.

Control (8/10) :
Do not use keyboard, use a controller. It is hard to play this type challenging game with keyboard.

Problem (10/10) :
I don't see any problem currently, It is beautiful and I enjoy it.

Conclusion :
If you like this kind of game and you miss watching beautiful classic cartoon, this game is what you seek.

So it rate : That's all folks, go buy it!

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