Road Redemption

Kick and Punch while riding your motorcycle....
Where this I have ever heard? dejavu?

No, This is Road Redemption.
A game that inspired by Road Rash series back 90's by developer Pixel Dash Studios, Dark Seas Interactive.

So how this game will be reviewed by our team?

GRAPHIC 4 out 5
The graphic is not the main part of this game. It is decent and you enjoyed during gameplay.

GAMEPLAY 4 out 5
The gameplay is simple, but mostly it interesting because you can play split screen up to 4 player. How many game this time have that features?

CONTROL 4 out 5
The controller is not what you imagine like a race simulation. It's more likely arcade game that you drive the motorcycle so simple and no need to always hit the break.

PROBLEM 4 out 5
There is no major problem on this game. This game is kindly enough to warn you about copyright for youtube at the begining of game.

So it rate : Enjoy this classic feel of game, Buy it!

Star Wars Battlefront II

Great graphic check,
Great gameplay check,
Large Community to play with.....

Are this game will follow the previous one that quickly die after few month for multiplayer mode?

Let's start the review :

GRAPHIC 5 out 5
The game have great graphic and best optimized for low end PC. The scene is beautiful and represent the great of Star Wars environment.

GAMEPLAY 4 out 5
The gameplay is fun in multiplayer mode, You will choose to be with Light side or Dark side and fight with different weapon and vehicle on the Star Wars world.

CONTROL 5 out 5
The control is awesome good. Don't like first person mode? You can switch to 3rd person mode with C button on your keyboard.

PROBLEM 3 out 5
Yet, the game still have dark side to solve. The community to play this game is too low. The first tittle only last few months and start loosing player. Maybe the game should over more playing mode and regularly update to keep their player in. Or just release on steam.

Conclusion :
This is great game, I have lot fun playing this. But, if Star Wars Battlefront cannot keep up for their community to play this game. The game will die after several month just like the first one.

So it rate :
Try it the open Beta, Buy it if you like it

Fortnite Battle Royale

Don't copy us, that statement clearly show PUBG is afraid of this game.But is there really this game have something to gather PUBG fan to play this game.

Or this just as shitty as PUBG.

Fortnite have something that slightly different from PUBG. But are this is worthed? Yes, the Battle Royale Mod is free for now and that something PUBG that not offered.

So, now there is my review to this game :

Graphic 4 out 5

Fortnite have unique cartoon style that remind me of graphic Paladins or Team Fotress. It's not very demanding so you can use your low end crappy pc to play this.

Gameplay 3.5 out 5
This is section will score for battle royale mode only. Yes the main game is different when you can fight zombie. 

In Battle Royale you will find gameplay is more fast than PUBG. The map is not as large as PUBG and if you play as solo, chance you will die in first minutes is big.

Control 3.5 out 5

The controller is not very smooth. You will fine aiming on this game is hard. You will waste bunch of bullet just to kill one of your enemy.

Problem 4 out 5
Yet, this game is have better system and connection than PUBG, You don't need to worry about can't delete or change name of your character.

Conclusion :
Fortnite Battle Royale still not beat PUBG game itself, but it is have something to offer and it's free.


CUPHEAD Review, Harder than Dark Soul?

This is classic theme game are beautiful, with simple artwork like carton 1930s classic the game made us nostalgic.

Studio MDHR entertainment as Developer and Publisher success brings artwork of 1930s cartoon to simple side scrolling game with little challenging gameplay.

So, how about we start review this game :

Graphic (10/10) :
It is awesome to bring hand drawing 1930s cartoon to live. The animations it's smooth and very beautiful.

Gameplay (10/10) :
Simple side scrolling game but with interactive enemy that you constantly learn the pattern of attack but still it is hard to beat.

Control (8/10) :
Do not use keyboard, use a controller. It is hard to play this type challenging game with keyboard.

Problem (10/10) :
I don't see any problem currently, It is beautiful and I enjoy it.

Conclusion :
If you like this kind of game and you miss watching beautiful classic cartoon, this game is what you seek.

So it rate : That's all folks, go buy it!

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