Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Yes this is the time for big fight again about who is better PES or FIFA.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 it's breaktrough to the series because improvement of graphic and more interesting gameplay.

Graphic 8/10 :
PES 2018 have many improvement in graphic in PC version. Now you can adjust advance ingame graphic to get better looking in game.

The motion and face capture are taken very well, and you can see the realistic graphic on this sector.

Grass is now visible, in previous PC version PES 2017 have lack of grass detail so the field look so flat. Now it's looking beautiful.

However if we compare it to FIFA 2018, PES have lack of physic on clothes so you can't see any big movement clothes on PES 2018.

Gameplay  (8/10) :
The interesting gameplay on PES 2018 is from the online game. You can lost hours and hours enjoying play online match with you built team.

Control (10/10) :
PES 2018 as usual is the best I have ever test. Yes, FIFA made more improvement and add PES control scheme to whom not familiar with FIFA control Scheme.

But, it's still not feel right. PES still have better gameplay for me at least.

Problem (8/10) :
There is no big problem on PES 2018. One thing that need PES to fix is the royalty of player club names. it's annoying to play Real Madrid team as MD White.

Conclusion :
If you like football or soccer game maybe this game is your dreams come true. But, it will still need more improvement mostly for royalty club names.

So it rate : Buy it and play with me :)


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