Player Unknowns Battleground

PUBG has been a hype since it start early access. Many players love this game where you survive battle with 200 other people.

So, what our though about this game :

Graphic (7.5/10) :
PUBG is not most beautiful graphic in game, but it have more than needed to makes you stay on this game for hour just to admire the enviroment.

Gameplay (8/10) :
It is Battleground what you expect? you compete againts on 199 players to be the last survived.

The gameplay is slow pace, you will have a long playtime and getting killed by someone that you cannot see.

Later PUBG will add zombie mode where you fight as suvivor or zombie. this will boost gameplay score later.

Control (8/10) :
Not the best, but acceptable as third person shooter games.

Problem (5/10) :
Bugs it's not big problem to PUBG, The database system is the worse.
The developer only add one slot to create character and no delete or change name for the character. You can change the cosmetic but you must pay with ingame currency.

They say from April 2017, will be add change players name (there is lots of complain about this because if you leave during naming your character it will random named your character). Anyway this is still bullshit until now.

Maybe we need to wait until this game full release and the database is reseted.

Conclusion :
Play it to fun with your friend, there is no story mode in this game.
So it rate : Get your shit together Dev!

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  1. The conclusion is solid indeed. Many people are thinking that there are a lot of things PUBG and Fortnite has in common, but I don't think so, for me the second one is just sort of Minecraft in Battle Royale setting, as unlikely as it seems to majority of players. Furthermore, PUBG also has its pretty fancy skin system and the costs of them are impressive, so it is a nice deal for me to trade my own skins with this marketplace that has some for CS:GO as well. But anyway, I'd give 6 out of 10 to its graphics, because I don't like this ARMA-styled pattern at all


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