Luckys Tale (Oculust Rift game)

Playing on VR is common technology for today. There is plenty awesome game to play with VR headset on PC.

One of the game is Luckys Tale, a free games from Oculust Rift library.

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Let's start our review for Luckys Tale games :

Graphic 8/10 :
The graphic is not amazing and blow your away. It is decent and full of colors. in VR Headset you will feel the enviroment is on your reach and you will feel like playing a toys.

Gameplay  (8/10) :
 It is platform game, simple and fun. There is nothing else you can't think of playing platform game on VR mode.

Control (8/10) :
Yet, even this is VR games. You can only using controller or keyboard to play it. There is no body interaction needed to play this game. Just put your VR Headset, sit and enjoy the game.

Problem (8/10) :
This game is free, so you can ask much. But maybe better story will makes you stay for this game even longer.

Conclusion :
As VR game, Luckys Tale is not perfect games. But, you will enjoy playing this game with your family with VR headset.

So it rate : Its FREE, go get em!

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