Forza Motorsport 7

It's still demo but you can try for free.
Just open your windows store and download it (20+ GB)

Okay let's start the review.

Graphic 10/10 :
This game is beautiful, yes indeed.
Turn 10 Studios makes this game look so good.
Every corner on race track makes you want to admire the graphic.

Gameplay 9/10 :
For this demo you can only choose 3 types of race and there is already cars and track includes.
Each race have their own types:

The first one is street race where you race on Dubai street with 2018 porche car.

The second one, time to get big. You will drive a truck race at Mugello Circuit as event of Battle of Bahemoths.

The third one, is 2015 Nissan that you will race at beautiful race track at Nurburging GP.

Control (10/10) :
Game with bad control only makes you mad. So, Forza Motorsport 7 have a great controller to you enjoy the race.
For a noob like me, this game have easy mode so you don't need to circle around every time you turn.

Problem (5/10) :
 This demo is always Crash, everytime you start game, every time you tried to rewind after crash and it's makes you always back to windows.

Yes, this is Demo and you will find stable one at the Full Games. But if the problem like this how we can sure to buy this game.

Conclusion :
For racing game Forza series always give the best experience to play. You will enjoy racing on behind cars cockpit and see the view.

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