Call of Duty World War II

Best Call of Duty since Modern Warfare?

Most likely many people says that, This lastest series brings back to the root of Call of Duty souls.
Yet, this still beta version and we still don't know what story they give on campaign story mode.

But there was many gamers state it more enjoyable to play it the multiplayer mode.

Now, is it worthed to buy it? lets start the review from Call of Duty World War II  Multiplayer Open Beta.

Graphic (8/10) : 
In this Beta game, we don't see impresive graphic. It's decent and more stable to low end gaming PC (at least). But we still hoping more improvement later on full release.

Gameplay (9/10) :
Fast faced multiplayer deathmatch from Call of Duty is always enjoyable. Will be there VR mode? who knows....

Control (10/10) : 
Call of Duty World War II still have fluid motion of control that we already known. So, experience gamer will enjoy to play it and the new gamer will fast learning the controller.

Problem (8/10) : 
This is still Beta, You will see many bugs happening. But most complaining it is about framerates drop on windows bordeless setting. Although, it can be fix with Full Screen Mode.

Conclusion : 
Yes, There is hope Call of Duty World War II will bring back memory playing classic Call of Duty. 

So it rate : Please take my money and shut up!

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