Call of Duty World War II

Best Call of Duty since Modern Warfare?

Most likely many people says that, This lastest series brings back to the root of Call of Duty souls.
Yet, this still beta version and we still don't know what story they give on campaign story mode.

But there was many gamers state it more enjoyable to play it the multiplayer mode.

Now, is it worthed to buy it? lets start the review from Call of Duty World War II  Multiplayer Open Beta.

Graphic (8/10) : 
In this Beta game, we don't see impresive graphic. It's decent and more stable to low end gaming PC (at least). But we still hoping more improvement later on full release.

Gameplay (9/10) :
Fast faced multiplayer deathmatch from Call of Duty is always enjoyable. Will be there VR mode? who knows....

Control (10/10) : 
Call of Duty World War II still have fluid motion of control that we already known. So, experience gamer will enjoy to play it and the new gamer will fast learning the controller.

Problem (8/10) : 
This is still Beta, You will see many bugs happening. But most complaining it is about framerates drop on windows bordeless setting. Although, it can be fix with Full Screen Mode.

Conclusion : 
Yes, There is hope Call of Duty World War II will bring back memory playing classic Call of Duty. 

So it rate : Please take my money and shut up!

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Luckys Tale (Oculust Rift game)

Playing on VR is common technology for today. There is plenty awesome game to play with VR headset on PC.

One of the game is Luckys Tale, a free games from Oculust Rift library.

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Let's start our review for Luckys Tale games :

Graphic 8/10 :
The graphic is not amazing and blow your away. It is decent and full of colors. in VR Headset you will feel the enviroment is on your reach and you will feel like playing a toys.

Gameplay  (8/10) :
 It is platform game, simple and fun. There is nothing else you can't think of playing platform game on VR mode.

Control (8/10) :
Yet, even this is VR games. You can only using controller or keyboard to play it. There is no body interaction needed to play this game. Just put your VR Headset, sit and enjoy the game.

Problem (8/10) :
This game is free, so you can ask much. But maybe better story will makes you stay for this game even longer.

Conclusion :
As VR game, Luckys Tale is not perfect games. But, you will enjoy playing this game with your family with VR headset.

So it rate : Its FREE, go get em!

Player Unknowns Battleground

PUBG has been a hype since it start early access. Many players love this game where you survive battle with 200 other people.

So, what our though about this game :

Graphic (7.5/10) :
PUBG is not most beautiful graphic in game, but it have more than needed to makes you stay on this game for hour just to admire the enviroment.

Gameplay (8/10) :
It is Battleground what you expect? you compete againts on 199 players to be the last survived.

The gameplay is slow pace, you will have a long playtime and getting killed by someone that you cannot see.

Later PUBG will add zombie mode where you fight as suvivor or zombie. this will boost gameplay score later.

Control (8/10) :
Not the best, but acceptable as third person shooter games.

Problem (5/10) :
Bugs it's not big problem to PUBG, The database system is the worse.
The developer only add one slot to create character and no delete or change name for the character. You can change the cosmetic but you must pay with ingame currency.

They say from April 2017, will be add change players name (there is lots of complain about this because if you leave during naming your character it will random named your character). Anyway this is still bullshit until now.

Maybe we need to wait until this game full release and the database is reseted.

Conclusion :
Play it to fun with your friend, there is no story mode in this game.
So it rate : Get your shit together Dev!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Yes this is the time for big fight again about who is better PES or FIFA.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 it's breaktrough to the series because improvement of graphic and more interesting gameplay.

Graphic 8/10 :
PES 2018 have many improvement in graphic in PC version. Now you can adjust advance ingame graphic to get better looking in game.

The motion and face capture are taken very well, and you can see the realistic graphic on this sector.

Grass is now visible, in previous PC version PES 2017 have lack of grass detail so the field look so flat. Now it's looking beautiful.

However if we compare it to FIFA 2018, PES have lack of physic on clothes so you can't see any big movement clothes on PES 2018.

Gameplay  (8/10) :
The interesting gameplay on PES 2018 is from the online game. You can lost hours and hours enjoying play online match with you built team.

Control (10/10) :
PES 2018 as usual is the best I have ever test. Yes, FIFA made more improvement and add PES control scheme to whom not familiar with FIFA control Scheme.

But, it's still not feel right. PES still have better gameplay for me at least.

Problem (8/10) :
There is no big problem on PES 2018. One thing that need PES to fix is the royalty of player club names. it's annoying to play Real Madrid team as MD White.

Conclusion :
If you like football or soccer game maybe this game is your dreams come true. But, it will still need more improvement mostly for royalty club names.

So it rate : Buy it and play with me :)


Forza Motorsport 7

It's still demo but you can try for free.
Just open your windows store and download it (20+ GB)

Okay let's start the review.

Graphic 10/10 :
This game is beautiful, yes indeed.
Turn 10 Studios makes this game look so good.
Every corner on race track makes you want to admire the graphic.

Gameplay 9/10 :
For this demo you can only choose 3 types of race and there is already cars and track includes.
Each race have their own types:

The first one is street race where you race on Dubai street with 2018 porche car.

The second one, time to get big. You will drive a truck race at Mugello Circuit as event of Battle of Bahemoths.

The third one, is 2015 Nissan that you will race at beautiful race track at Nurburging GP.

Control (10/10) :
Game with bad control only makes you mad. So, Forza Motorsport 7 have a great controller to you enjoy the race.
For a noob like me, this game have easy mode so you don't need to circle around every time you turn.

Problem (5/10) :
 This demo is always Crash, everytime you start game, every time you tried to rewind after crash and it's makes you always back to windows.

Yes, this is Demo and you will find stable one at the Full Games. But if the problem like this how we can sure to buy this game.

Conclusion :
For racing game Forza series always give the best experience to play. You will enjoy racing on behind cars cockpit and see the view.

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